Harmony Hill Farm
Randolph, Mass.
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About Us

Harmony Hill Farm was established in 1910 and  is currently celebrating a hundred years of farming.  Charles Bowley, our Grandfather purchased and cleared the land with oxen and began farming and milking cows. Our Mother, Evelyn,  grew up and worked on the farm milking cows and working the fields.  When she married our Father, Wilbert,  he decided to work on the farm and when my Grandfather died, our  Father took over.  Due to the fact that milk cows no longer produced a profit enough to support our growing family he sold the cows and converted the barn to a horse barn and began boarding horses.

Harmony Hill Farm has been boarding horses since 1962 and our chores as children included cleaning stalls, feeding and caring for our boarder’s horses  as well as our own horses.  We have many years of experience caring for other people’s horses.  We hope you will join our family run farm and bring your horse to us.

                                                                              Ken Adams and Barbara Adams-Grasso

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